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About Us

Transport Freight forwarding is currently an integral element of the movement of cargo from seller to buyer.

NerioTrans company has been successfully operating since 2014 and provides a full range of freight forwarding services. Our highly qualified specialists will calculate the optimal route for cargo transportation, pick up the vehicle type, prepare all necessary documents, coordinate issues with both the shipper and the consignee, plan the delivery and, if necessary, provide storage of cargo.

An integrated approach, professionalism, unparalleled experience, competent and clear control and management of freight forwarding services will help the best way to optimize all the processes of cargo delivery, save time and costs for your company.

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To make sure your shipment reaches its destination safely  and reliably , allow us to advise you and find the best solution  for you. We offer you international transportation of unconventional, dangerous, combined or heavy cargo by sea, road, rail and airall over the world.

Directions of export-import cargo transportations:

Nordic: Finland, Sweden, Norway;

Western Europe: France, Germany, Austria, Benelux, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, and others;

Southern European direction: Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey, Greece, etc.

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