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Railroad Freightage

Transportation of cargo by rail is one of the most economic and reliable modes of freight forwarding.

Railway transport is well suited for carrying various types of cargo in any weather conditions. This mode of freight transport provides possibility for comparatively quick delivery of cargo over long distances.

Other advantages include good regularity and high load capacity of rail freight, enabling delivery of large cargo consignments.

Another essential advantage of rail freight consists in comparatively low prime cost of cargo transportation. It needs to be noted however that the geography of this freight transport mode is limited by availability of functioning railway tracks and junction stations.

Our services include:

Freight management consulting;
Calculation of railway freight rates;
Optimal freight routing;
Transportation by different types of freight trains (covered wagons, open wagons, flat wagons, refrigerated vans, thermo wagons, tank wagons, hopper wagons, railway containers);
Transportation of oversized, heavy, dangerous and specific cargos;
Payment of carriage charges;
Execution of documents;
Cargo tracking and providing real-time information on cargo location.