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Container trucking

Container shipments – is one of the transport-logistics services provided by NerioTrans Ltd. We offer the most effective solutions in container shipments by railway, maritime and road transport for our clients and we deliver successfully. Our cooperation with agents and port operators worldwide, cooperation with world’s top carriers allow us to organize cost-effective container shipments and deliver just in time.

Advantages of container cargo deliveries:

*High level of security: access to the cargo is protected by the steel container built, doors construction and sealing provide restricted access.

*Transshipment made easy: transport containers are easily transshipped from vessels onto railway platforms and container truck chassis, which makes intermodal container deliveries by several modes of transport in a single delivery chain possible. Intermodal container shipments make cargo deliveries possible anywhere in the world where there are waterways and ports, railways, roads and airports.

*Container tracking provides additional security of cargo delivery.

*Door to door delivery.

Container specifications.

20’DC (dry cargo) standard (LWH 6х2,35х2,39m. 33cubm.  Payload up to 26mt, up to 11 Europallets CP1: 800x1200mm). Is a steel box, providing good dust and humidity protection. Designed for transportations of various dry cargoes.

40’DC (dry cargo) standard (LWH 12х2,35х2,39m. 67cubm. Payload up to 26mt up to 24 Europallets CP1: 800x1200mm).

40’PW (pallet wide)standard inner width extended (LWH 12х2,4х2,39m. 67cubm. Payload up to 26mt. Up to 30 Europallets CP1: 800x1200mm). Designed for optimizing cargo lots shipped at the same time. Rare equipment with an expensive freight ratio.

40’HC (high cube) standard (LWH 12х2,35х2,7m. 76cubm. Payload up to 26mt. Up to 24 Europallets CP1: 800x1200mm). Designed for voluminous cargoes transportations.

45’HCPW (high cube pallet wide) increased volume and pallet capacity (LWH 13,5х2,4х2,7m. 87cubm. Payload up to 26mt. Up to 33 Europallets CP1: 800x1200mm). Designed for bulky cargoes, requiring more space. Rare equipment with an expensive freight ratio.

20’OT, 40’OT (open top)  standards (20’OT LWH 6х2,35х2,37m. 32cubm. 40’OT LWH 12х2,35х2,37m. 65cubm). Designed without a steel roof, replaced by tarpaulin to allow over height cargoes.

20’FR, 40’FR (flat rack) standards (20’FR LWH 6х2,4х2,2m. Payload up to 28mt. 40’FR LWH 12х2,37х2,2m. Payload up to 28mt). These platform containers types are designed for oversized cargoes.

20’REF, 40’REF (refrigerated) standards (20’FR LWH 5,5х2,3х2,3m. Payload 28 cubm. 40’FR  LWH 11,6х2,3х2,5m. Payload 66cubm). Specialized equipment with cooling systems for transportation of food products, medicine, household chemical goods, cosmetics and other.

20’TC (tank containers) payloads up to 22mt are used for chemical liquids and gases transportations as well as food products.

We offer the following services for container cargo deliveries:

*Empty container allocation in accordance to your type of cargo or part of container for grouped containerized cargo deliveries.

*All necessary transport, customs and insurance documents draw-up.

*Transshipment operations control: survey and tally services.

*Containers transshipment and storage on container terminals for further delivery to the consignee.

*Containers on-carriage by railway or road transport to the consignee warehouse or door.)

We guarantee high quality of our transport logistics services: efficient coordination of all transport processes involved, professional competence of our transport logistics specialists, carriers, customs brokers, warehouse and insurance agents, surveyors.