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International transport is a process, where high supervision, precision and permanent attention for 24/7 is needed. Experienced professionals from NerioTrans Ltd. will take over responsibility in your behalf. Then you will have one point access to all. Easy orders, no complications with a language barrier, even custom and insurance assistance, all at one place. You will set up goal - and we will accomplish it perfectly.

Our company may offer you long-term experience with road and sea freight transportation of:

-machinery and its parts;
organization and execution of long term projects and planned movements;
-transportation of wooden products (plywood, lumber, wooden pellets);
-transportation of building materials (insulation, foils, dry mixtures);
-oversize transportation;
-dangerous goods transportation.

Our employees may provide you with following services:

-acquisition of suitable means of transport regarding character of goods with all equipment needed;
-optimal route calculation;
-transport quotation;
-24/7 supervision of transport;
-custom clearance support.