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Oversized cargo transportation

What is the transportation of oversized cargo ?

The cargo is oversized if it exceeds the width 2,55m at its extreme points (projecting parts: the roof, mounting hardware, etc.), 20 m in length (including the length of the tractor cab 3 m.In addition trailer) and a height of 4.0 m (including height of the trailer). The total weight of cargo from road train does not exceed 40 tons.

Oversize loads – is agricultural or industrial machinery, road machinery, special purpose machines, building construction and so on.

Transportation of oversized cargo by road is one of activities of the company “NerioTrans”. Oversized loads that can not be transported by standard means of transport because of the non-conformity of transportation-specific features, size and weight.

Transportation of oversized - one of the most complex and expensive types of transport, there are special requirements to specialists of all levels, from the driver to the engineers involved in the transport process.

Qualified staff allow us to perform a variety of heavy oversized transport at any distance both in Russia and on the international destination addresses.